Arun Gupta

Founder & CEO, Quartet

Arun Gupta is the Founder & CEO of Quartet, a technology company transforming behavioral health. Quartet’s technology platform allows seamless communication and collaboration between medical and behavioral health providers, leading to targeted, timely and higher quality patient care. Powered by their advanced data engine, Quartet works with health plans and health systems to provide actionable population insights that improve patient outcomes and reduce overall costs. Arun and his team are working to realize a society where mental health services are accessible, outcomes-driven, and integrated into primary care. He was previously a General Partner at Accretive, where he was part of the firm’s unique company launch efforts. Arun obtained his Masters from Harvard Kennedy School and his BS from Duke University.

My Sessions

Roundtable | The Five C’s: Consumerism, Convergence, Consolidation, Compliance, Cost

Among other topics, this session will cover: The Five C’s and their impact on the industry: consumerism, convergence, consolidation, compliance, cost Using platforms to quickly and precisely match patients with resources (in-person, tele-therapy, etc.)How to improve outcomes and lower system costs (no, really) Adjusting care on the fly by leveraging adaptive learning EMR access in […]