Artem Petakov

Co-founder & President, Noom

Artem Petakov (President/Co-Founder, Noom) has been tinkering with AI, Psychology and Software for the past 25 years at Princeton, Microsoft, Google and Noom. His loves combining those fields to change people’s behavior for the better, and feels lucky to do so every day at Noom. Founded in 2010, Noom’s technology improves people’s health through behavior change, and has the best peer-reviewed results of any preventive health mobile intervention on the market. Noom’s tools have been used by over 45 million users in 5 languages. In April 2017, Noom Coach became the first mobile application to receive full recognition as a Diabetes Prevention Program provider from the CDC. Always happy to talk to fellow product visionaries, channel partners and investors.

My Sessions

Roundtable | On-Demand Access to Content and Services – What You Need to Know, Now

Among other topics, this session will cover: How the fusion of services and technology are giving us all the ability to react in real-time, providing consistent care / routines and transparency for families Address big problem of lack of access to care / lack of knowledge when sick / overuse of emergency room On-demand access […]